Ryan Chartrand

“John Tucker Must Die” is the perfect combination of romance and comedy. The tale of three high school girls seeking revenge on a popular jock will be sure to make everyone laugh.

The tale begins with basketball captain John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) who is dating three girls, all from different social groups. When the girls realize that they are dating the same guy, they vow to get him back.

The girls try everything, including getting Tucker to wear thong underwear, which backfires and the whole basketball team ends up wearing them and putting up a Web site declaring Tucker utterly “undatable.”

The trio finds that even after these attempts to undermine him, Tucker still remains as popular as ever and the girls are going to have to step up the game.

After several more unsuccessful attempts, the girls: Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), Heather (Ashanti), and Beth (Sophie Bush) decided to enlist the help of the new girl, Kate (Brittany Snow).

The plan is to get Tucker to fall for Kate and then Kate will break up with him like he has done to all the other girls. Kate, wanting to make new friends and be popular, decides to play along.

The girls groom Kate into the ideal girlfriend for Tucker but problems start arising when Kate becomes attracted to Tucker, which is of course complicated by Kate’s loyalty to her new friends.

Familiar faces like McCarthy and Ashanti blend in with those lesser known making a great cast for the movie.

The comedy highlights a common ‘high school’ movie theme: the world of dating. However, it will keep audiences on the edge of their seats and laughing hysterically. This movie isn’t just for the girls but will also amuse the guys with a little girl on girl action.

“John Tucker Must Die” provides a comical look at the troubled times that most call high school. It shows that dating and fitting in are still the hardest part of all.

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