I applaud the “Justice for All” displays at the University Union and on Dexter Lawn. I am pro-choice, and “Justice for All” won’t change that, but they are pursuing their cause in the right manner. By humanizing embryonic life, they may have changed some minds – the photos were graphic and the message was clear. As I toured the display on Dexter Lawn, a staff member approached me and asked what I was thinking (I was thinking “Oh shit!” – I was neither in the mood, nor did I have the energy for an argument, and I especially didn’t want to be drawn into a debate on abortion in front of such a grave demonstration). To my surprise, even after learning my stance on the issue, this woman didn’t condemn me, berate me, or try to proselytize me; she simply listened to what I had to say, then offered her opinion. Such an outward display of free speech is welcome, especially on a campus where the administrative tolerance of controversial speech is not exactly stellar. Props.

Joey Reggio

Ecology and systematic biology senior

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