The “Justice for All” exhibit was intended to create debate, change hearts and save lives. Ironically, I haven’t met one person whose views of abortion were changed because of this exhibit. Most people that I have spoken with or overheard on campus were either enraged by the graphic and disturbing images, or left feeling more confused and uncertain about where they stand on the issue of abortion.

While I do agree that freedom of speech is essential to our culture, I feel that the main point of concern was completely overlooked in the demonstration. Yes, it is shocking that 4,000 abortions are performed per day. Clearly JFA gave us that shock value with their images. However, it is even more shocking that 4,000 women find themselves making huge moral and ethical decisions on a daily basis because they were raped, the condom broke or they could not afford or access birth control.

Although it’s become a cliche, this phrase still holds truth today: Knowledge is power. Women will continue to resolve unwanted or unplanned pregnancies with abortion so long as they remain victims of violent sexual crimes, feel judged for their sex lives or are unable to access or afford birth control. Education leads to empowerment, so let us exert more energy educating and less judging. Abortion ends when unwanted or unplanned pregnancies are prevented.

Laura Kasavan

Journalism sophomore

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