Linda Austin is a resident of California’s 24th congressional district. Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the editorial coverage of Mustang News. 
Dear Editor:
The candidates for congress are starting to distinguish themselves a bit more with every public debate and forum. It’s starting to become obvious who knows their stuff and who doesn’t. At the recent Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce forum, Katcho won the day. In complete contrast to some candidates who only spoke in obvious sound bites and talking points, Katcho actually had solid stances on issues facing America and the Central Coast. He used real examples of challenges he’s faced as a small business owner and issues he’s tackled as an Assemblyman to back up all of his stances.
We’re already bombarded by sound bites and typical political rhetoric in the news and on the radio every day. Katcho was simply genuine — a real guy with real experience. He’s the type of leader I trust to represent me in Congress.
Linda M. Austin

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