Ryan Chartrand

“Sam Goodly, San Luis Obispo Resident” PHEW! Just another misplaced and amateurish man dwelling on the likely rejection from Cal Poly’s admissions office.

Sam, please do not attempt to claim that the unfortunate killings between Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims (conveniently starting after Bush’s invasion of Iraq) are a fair reflection of the Arab culture. Are the thousands of lives lost during the American Civil War a fair portrayal of the American culture? Now, about these 4,000 Katyusha rockets fired into Israel by Hezbollah, allow me to educate you. Those 4,000 rockets were shot into Israel causing 47 deaths, while over 100,000 cluster bombs, said to be of illegal use, were used by Israel causing over 1,140 Lebanese deaths (30 percent children) and 913,760 displaced Lebanese civilians. That 4,000 is a big number, Sam, but relative to what?

The homemade crude Kassam rockets used by the people of Gaza against the fourth most powerful military in the world seems comical to bring up. Once again, your use of big numbers cannot fool me. Four Israeli lives have been taken by these rockets, while 341 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by Israeli Apache helicopters, Israeli F-16 jets and Israeli tanks.

Maybe you have not heard about Cal Poly’s reputation, Sam. We have some of the brightest minds in the country, so please, don’t insult our intelligence by throwing out big numbers and expect them to blind us. Go read a book, educate yourself, and then maybe we can talk.

Nadeen Qaru
Construction management senior

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