Julianne Byer

For the second time, I sat through the documentary following the lives of the “Invisible Children” in Uganda who have fallen under the radar of both their government and ours. These small little faces, with even smaller voices, have slowly become invisible in a war ravaged country that will stop at nothing on its path of destruction.

It’s difficult to write about anything important when you realize the very idea of importance has been replaced with survival and resilience. How can I sit here and complain about trivial problems when I know they’ll all eventually blow over and be covered by every other columnist in the country? It truly is a slap in the face when you realize your voice can be easily drowned out by everyone else’s-

But in my attempt to not fall siege to forgetting about the children overseas, I want to start a campaign to raise money for them. Maybe one of them will wake up one day and know that a bunch of good-for-nothing college students in a little Central Coast town are thinking of them-

It will be a school-wide garage/rummage sale where anything and everything can be donated, sold or bought wherein all proceeds will go directly to the Invisible Children Foundation. This money of course will then go toward getting them out of hiding and out of fear, and directly into schools.

So there it is. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I probably have way too much homework to dedicate time to such a cause, and yet, somewhere out there Fate is pushing me towards this goal.

Feel free to contact me at jbyer@calpoly.edu and let me know if you have any ideas or would like to be a part of the event, I’m hoping to host the rummage sale sometime in May during UU Hour.

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