Savannah Hastings is a modern languages and literature freshman. Letters to the editor do not reflect the opinion or editorial coverage of Mustang News. 

I stand in solidarity with the SLO Solidarity movement. I think that many people have begun to blow what their demands really are, out of proportion. To think that the request of increased cultural awareness is seen as ridiculous, frankly seems like a detraction from one of the best parts of college; being faced with and understanding alternative backgrounds and lifestyles.

Many people think that this idea of being faced with different backgrounds supports the allowance of people to say whatever hateful thing they want to because, “that’s how it is in the real world.” However, I think this viewpoint actually supports the creation of more diverse course offerings and cultural inclusivity. If we ever want to change the hateful attitudes and discrimination that is faced in the so-called “real world,” then it starts with education. Education that includes Queer studies and Arab-American studies. And this education needs to come from a diverse faculty that has the background to teach these diverse subjects.

And to everyone who is so worried about an increased course load, one of the demands includes simply reevaluating the already existing UCSP requirement. This would in no way increase your graduating time, seeing as this requirement is already in place. Also, I would like to know one career field where you wouldn’t benefit from an increased understanding of your coworkers and clients.

And to everyone who is complaining about the inclusivity training; this training is targeted at campus leaders whose jobs are entirely focused on being inclusive and making EVERYONE at Poly feel like they have a home.

Also not sure how you can equate the requirement of more diverse courses “fascism” just because it’s a requirement. Are all GEs fascist now? As well as SOAR and WOW, just because they’re mandatory? No. Ironically, fascism is a system of government inherently known for its intolerant views towards others. So if there is ANY form of fascism on campus, it is the overwhelming intolerance towards minority students at Cal Poly.

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