Pro-Palin article laughable

I honestly thought this column was joke. I mean just reading the title, I fell over laughing from the double entendre just before yelling, “that’s what she said!” Then I read the article, and I realized that this person was serious. Well, until I saw the part where she said George Bush inherited a faltering economy from Clinton.

Then I realized she was joking again. Thanks for the laughs. Always a fan of your work, Erika.

Nathan Giusti

computer science senior

Conservative columns offer no solutions

Well, there were two columns yesterday I would like to take issue with, and I think I can get them both with one swing. Both of these articles talked about the failures of the Democratic congress in somehow causing the current crisis we sit in, one of them as an endorsement of Mr. McCain, the other as an endorsement of Mrs. Palin.

As you could probably tell from my commentary, I blame everyone for the economic mess, even though I still have no idea how bad it really is. Republicans and Democrats alike pushed programs and removed oversight from all government functions. My opinion is that any government program which needs its oversight removed in order to pass is a program that doesn’t deserve to pass, because lack of oversight only leads to corruption no matter how well intentioned the program.

So please, instead of preaching to us how only one side is responsible for the crisis, tell us instead how your conservative principles can get us out of this. This is what I (as a non-conservative) look for when I read the conservative column in the paper. Watching you throw mud around isn’t what I want out of my political discourse. Instead, tell me what you want done about it, and why and how your idea would work. The Libertarian column, for comparison, has been rather good about that.

As the old saying goes, “put up or shut up.”

Troy Kuersten

aerospace engineering and physics senior

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