Ryan Chartrand

Harassment still unacceptable during a game

I was disgusted to read comments from people condoning the behavior of some of the students at the Cal Poly vs. UCSB soccer game on Oct. 17. I was right in the middle of the group of students responsible.

Throughout the game, I heard a group of guys shouting homophobic and racist slurs geared towards UCSB. One person in particular shouted that a black player on the UCSB team should be lynched. To me, this behavior is not “passionate,”it’s harassment and it is unacceptable.

Susannah Bonn

business administration senior

Shake it up, Mustang Daily political columnists

Oh, how the tables have turned! I can’t wait for everything to flip-flop next year. Finally it will be the conservative column whining about how our evil democratic president is ruining the world and pushing his vastly horrible liberal agenda while the liberal column preaches his good works and provides absolutely no well-formed arguments to defend any of their points.

Can’t you feel the change already? Yes we can. Yes we can. Please do! Be a breath of fresh air this coming Jan. 20. Don’t give us the same old pointless dribble you’ve been spewing since anyone at Cal Poly could remember. Engage us, the readers. Give us things to argue about with our friends so we don’t sound as uninformed as D.L. Hughley is bound to on his new CNN show.

If you want to make a point that won’t alienate the conformist population of a hearby largely liberal yet astoundingly conservative/agriculture-biased set of humans at one of the worlds most reveled and decorated state colleges (sad attempt to use big words intended), then stop just using big words to try to sound awesome! Use smaller words that make sense and you may sound smarter.

Possible side affect: you will sound like a second grader trying to talk about Barack Obama. Newsflash: You currently sound like second graders talking about Barack Obama.

John Turner

electrical engineering sophomore

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