Ryan Chartrand

It’s probably for the best you qualified the beginning of last week’s conservative column with “proving (a liberal bias) exists…is difficult to do” because you failed to prove it at all. The closest you come to substantiating your argument in any form is quoting party registration statistics, which, while interesting, are entirely meaningless in context to the rest of your baseless speculation.

Here’s a hint, having to end a sentence with “(this really happens),” doesn’t exactly speak volumes about the validity of your claims. And as for your assertion that conservatives are against LGBT, minority, and women’s rights? Enlightening of your basic world view at the very least, offensive to a vast majority of the student population at the most. To be honest, I agree with you on the premise of a liberal bias at this university, but your column absolutely failed to address it meaningfully. In the future, I suggest you avoid resorting to the same tired “victimized Republican” shtick that plagues all of your columns.

Kyle Brookmeyer
Microbiology junior

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