Leilee Naderi is a business administration sophomore and opinion columnist for Mustang News. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mustang News.

Spooky season has passed, and the girl you like dressed up as a ghost long before it was Halloween. 

With a change in temperature, Cuffing Season will make its unwanted arrival. A single drop of rain falls, and people instantly feel like they need to hold hands. You look to your right: a couple forms. You look to your left: a freshman starts walking closer to that cute girl from his Week of Welcome group.

It’s fine if you are not a part of this demographic. There is a way to survive “Cuffing Season.” Next year, when the temperature drops, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

When it’s warm outside, that’s when you start building up the armor that you deem impenetrable during the colder months of the year. By this, I’m saying it’s fall and the sun is still out, and this is when you begin forming your healthy habits. Right when winter commences, you have some asset under your belt, like an investment portfolio, or something. 

You don’t need to start all at once. That’s why investors start as micro-investors. Consider your efforts as an incremental approach to defeating Cuffing Season. 

Hypothetically, during a time like the summer, it would be ideal to stockpile hobbies or “talents in progress” that you can dedicate your time to when it starts getting cold outside. Instead of directing your attention to why you’re single during the holidays, you can expand on all the dormant activities you compiled for yourself earlier.

Another approach to surviving Cuffing Season is all about mindset. Just because the masses are deciding to shack up doesn’t mean you need to adopt conformist ways and follow them. Cuffing Season could definitely end up in a hasty relationship where this chosen person is only remotely your type outside of the warmth they provide when you guys hold hands and go ice skating.

Individualism could definitely be the best path for this phenomena of a season. Being comfortable with yourself and your own hobbies could also be gratifying. Before you know it, the sun will come out again and so will the attractive people around you. Cuffing Season is ultimately not too lengthy, although the long winter nights and short days might distort your keeping of time. Knowing that being lonely during the winter is temporary as all pain is is powerful. Powerful enough to let you survive Cuffing Season and just be lonely again during spring. 

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