Political science sophomore Sofia Dipadova recently published her own book of poetry titled “A World Ugly.”

Dipadova’s book contains many poems that she’s written throughout the past two years while navigating adulthood.

“It’s basically kind of around viewing the world as an observer and kind’ve interacting with it as if you’re like not really a part of it,” Dipadova said.

Dipadova has been writing poetry since she was in middle school as a way to express her emotions. She also wrote in high school with the help of an English teacher who she says walked her through the creative process. 

“If I didn’t really have him or someone originally helping me, I don’t think I would’ve been able to compile a full work that was ready to be published,” Dipadova said.  “It’s always important to have a mentor.”

Though poetry used to be more of a private part of Dipadova’s life, she has received a lot of positivity from friends and family since releasing her book.

“Being able to read what she is writing about and thinking and what she came up with was just really amazing. I just felt really really proud of her that she took the steps to publish a book,” environmental management and protection junior Ku’ulei Nehr said.

Nehr met Dipadova during college and has since become close friends with her.

“It’s a beautiful poetry book with a collection of poetry that really emphasizes creativity and also just from a voice of someone who may be dealing with things,” Nehr said.

Dipadova is currently working on another short poetry book and she hopes to move onto writing novels and academic papers in the future.

“I definitely want to keep writing, no matter what, throughout the rest of my college and post-career,” Dipadova said.

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