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Gaucho forward Thibault Candia launched a shot that missed the posts in the second minute of the match.

Mustang midfielder Diego Alonso makes a shot from far out that goes over the post in the seventh minute.

Gaucho defender Carson Vom Steeg fouled Sean Goode of the Mustangs.

Goalkeeper Simon Boehme easily saves a free kick from Thibault Candia in the thirteenth minute.

Mustangs defender Eddie Melgoza was issued a yellow card for his foul in the fifteenth minute.

Jared Pressley’s shot goes high in the sixteenth minute.

Fans react negatively to a call from the referee that gives the Gauchos possession in the seventeenth.

Gauchos called offside in the seventeenth minute.

The Mustangs get a corner kick in the nineteenth minute with Eddie Melgoza taking the corner.

Freeman Dwamena goes down in pain after Gaucho forward Thibault Candia fouls him; Candia received a yellow card for his foul.

Nick Carroll comes on for the Mustangs in the 22nd minute as a substitute for Freeman Dwamena.

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Gaucho forward Ignacio Tellechea attempts a header that goes wide in the 23rd minute.

Gaucho midfielder Axel Mendez shoots from outside the penalty box in the 24th minute.

The Mustangs effort inside the box is stopped in the 27th minute, but the Mustangs get a corner.

Brecc Evans is handed a yellow card in the 27th minute.

For the Gauchos: Sahid Conteh comes on for Thibault Candia, and Carter Clemmensen comes on for Ignacio Tellechea in the 29th minute.

Referee stops the clock and hands a yellow card to Gaucho forward Migel Gomez after a foul on Luis Rodriguez in the 34th minute.

Simon Boehme clears the ball after an attempted attack from the Gauchos in the 35th minute.

Carter Clemmensen makes a shot that is saved by Simon Boehme in the 37th minute.

Jared Pressley’s shot is saved by Ben Roach in the 38th minute.

For the Mustangs: Jacob Lindberg is coming on for Nick Carroll in the 39th minute. For the Gauchos: Kaya Fabbretti is coming on for Jan Ilskens in the 39th minute

Collision between Sean Goode of the Mustangs and Gauchos goalkeeper Ben Roach in the 39th minute leads to a heated discussion between the two. Goode is handed a yellow card for his actions.

For the Mustangs: Addison Parrish comes on for Sean Goode in the 41st minute.

The first half of the match concludes, with both teams scoreless after 45 minutes.

For the Mustangs: Nick Carroll comes on for Jacob Lindberg to start the second half. The Gauchos return to their original starting eleven with the exception of Kaya Fabbretti coming on for Jan Ilskens.

Diego Alonso’s shot is blocked by Gauchos goalkeeper Ben Roach in the 50th minute and goes out of bounds; Nick Carroll takes the resulting corner.

Jose Rivera takes a corner for the Mustangs after George Grote’s shot goes high in the 51st minute.

Match is halted after a fan rushes the pitch in the 52nd minute; police officers have arrested the fan.

Between both teams: 26 total fouls, four shots on goal and five yellow cards handed out. And one arrest.

Corner kick for the Mustangs, with Jose Rivera taking the kick.

Hunter Ashworth’s shot for the Gauchos is saved by Simon Boehme in the 58th minute.

Simon Boehme saves two shots in less than a minute, both from Rodney Michael in the 61st minute.

Thibault Candia takes a corner kick, which goes off the Gauchos and results in lost possession for the Gauchos in the 61st minute.

A yellow card is issued to Hunter Ashworth in the 64th minute.

Goal! Diego Alonso scores in the 65th minute off an assist from Nick Carroll! Mustangs lead 1-0. This is Alonso’s second goal of the season and first assist for Nick Carroll.

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A yellow card is issued to Mustangs defender Andrew Robertson in the 65th minute.

For the Gauchos: Ryan Johnson comes on for Miguel Gomez in the 66th minute. For the Mustangs, Luis Rodriguez comes on for Andrew Robertson in the 66th minute.

Simon Boehme stops a potential own goal from being scored in the 70th minute.

A free kick is awarded to the Gauchos outside the penalty box, resulting from a foul from Luis Rodriguez. Rodriguez is issued a yellow card. (This was before the three substitutions)

Three substitutions for the Mustangs: Sebastian Herran comes on for Diego Alonso; Jacob Lindberg comes on for Nick Carroll;Addison Parrish comes on for Jared Pressley in the 73rd minute.

Sebastian Herran’s header is off target and goes wide right in the 75th minute.

Axel Mendez’s cross is caught by Simon Boehme in the 77th minute.

Sebastian Herran and Rodney Michael collide in midair in the 78th minute. A foul is called on the Gauchos.

Noah Billingsley’s shot for the Gauchos goes high and hits the football goalposts in the 81st minute.

A corner is awarded for the Mustangs in the 83rd minute; Sebastian Herran takes the corner for the Mustangs.

Sahid Conteh’s shot for the Gauchos was blocked in the 88th minute by Mustangs defenders.

Heated exchanges between players and the referee briefly halts the match in the 88th minute.

A corner kick is awarded to the Gauchos in the 88th minute; Axel Mendez takes the corner in a last minute effort to tie the match.

A shot from the Gauchos shot barely goes over the crossbar, giving those in attendance a scare!.

A red card is issued to Gauchos goalkeeper Ben Roach. Finishing the match for him in between the posts is Ignacio Tellechea.

FULL TIME: The Mustangs defeat the Gauchos by a final score of 1-0. Fans are rushing the field to celebrate the victory!

Connor Frost | Mustang News

Full Time Stats:

Cal Poly: 8
UC Santa Barbara: 12

Cal Poly: 3
UC Santa Barbara: 4

Corner kicks
Cal Poly: 6
UC Santa Barbara: 4

Cal Poly: 20
UC Santa Barbara: 14

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