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Cal Poly graduates looking to stay in San Luis Obispo post-grad can train for head-of-household tech careers with local coding bootcamp Ticket into Tech. The program, which launched in 2017, recently partnered with top-ranked coding bootcamp Fullstack Academy to open more spots for locals who wish to pursue a career in the tech industry. Fullstack Academy graduates have gone on to make an average salary of $80,000 at companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

In just 18 weeks, Ticket into Tech students learn to be IT technicians, software test technicians or software engineers. Applicants do not need prior experience or education in computer science. In fact, SLO Partners Business Liaison Dan Weeks said that employers especially value workers who have more than just technical degrees.

“Employers want people that are great communicators that can also do tech work. The seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills,” Weeks said.

San Luis Obispo is a growing tech scene. It is home to both startups and larger tech firms like Amazon, yet employers find it hard to find local, skilled workers since Cal Poly computer science graduates tend to accept offers in Silicon Valley. The Ticket into Tech program helps employers fulfill these roles, in addition to allowing graduates with any degree to pursue a career in tech while residing on the Central Coast.

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Ticket into Tech gives San Luis Obispo County residents the opportunity to gain new coding skills—making them candidates for high-paying tech jobs—all for 7 percent of the cost of earning a degree. In the program, applicants take a class to prepare for the online entry exam. After the exam, students participate in pre-apprenticeship programs starting July 2018. Apprenticeships start fall 2018 are followed by one year of paid on-the-job training with local companies like Amazon and Rabobank.

Ticket into Tech offers three scholarships for women in the San Luis Obispo community: one full-ride and two half-tuition scholarships, however loans will also be available to help pay for tuition. Recent Cal Poly graduates with no experience or degree in tech are especially encouraged to apply for the program.

Visit for more information or to apply. Info sessions will be held in the San Luis Obispo HotHouse June 6 and June 13 at 6:30 p.m. 

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