New topic already, jeees. Hmm … politics, religion, SLO repression? As catchy as those topics are they have been done before. Let’s try a new topic and see how it goes.

The Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago reported that a Southern California school district, Alhambra, was experiencing a huge difference in performance between its two prominent minorities. The Latino kids were scoring far below the Asian students. Their income brackets were very similar, and they both have near equal numbers and opportunity in the school. The question I propose to you is what caused this disparity?

This story only made it to the Los Angeles Times because one of the students reported on it in the school newspaper.

He looked into it and came to a conclusion, and then everybody got pissed off. I wouldn’t want to deny our little opinion section any of the fun, so I’ll omit the conclusions reached in the Times article. Can you figure it out? Or maybe you dare not guess (cowards!).

The true conclusions were quite interesting and relevant to to all races, so I’ll send those in later. Or maybe you already know, and can beat me to it. Let’s hear what you opinion article intellectuals have to say.

Morgan Elam

General engineering senior

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