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“I believe Louisa’s Place truly deserves its claim to the best breakfast in San Luis Obispo.”

Kristine Xu
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Kristine Xu is a journalism freshman and Mustang News food columnist.

As a college student, it is often difficult to juggle early classes and make time for a complete meal every morning. But after hearing positive reviews from friends and seeing advertisements boasting the best breakfast in San Luis Obispo, a friend and I decided to head to Louisa’s Place and treat ourselves to a full, delicious breakfast.

We walked past a couple sidewalk tables littered with remnants of breakfast and opened the door to a bustling restaurant atmosphere. I was doubtful we would be seated anytime soon because of the number of people enjoying Sunday brunch in such a small area. Fortunately, a waitress waved us over and sat us comfortably between two other groups in the midst of their meals.

To eat at Louisa’s Place, you have to embrace sharing personal space and sitting near complete strangers, especially at the counter. We had no objections and  settled into the red vinyl stools before skimming through our menus.

Before taking our orders, the waitress introduced herself. She gave us very friendly and warm impression, which made our interaction more of a conversation. In addition to the excellent service, I also enjoyed how the meal had various options and substitutions to personalize the meal.

While waiting for our food to arrive, my friend and I noticed the restaurant’s unique art. Near the window at the front of the restaurant were various pictures of the same cartoon character colored by children, covering most of the wall. Behind the counter, there was a plate of what seemed like everlasting biscuits, which kept disappearing and reappearing throughout our meal.

Our waitress came back shortly with a breakfast sandwich on a warm ceramic plate with a side of home fries and fluffy scrambled eggs. The sandwich consisted of oily strips of thick, crispy bacon, deliciously layered on a slice of melted American cheese between two slices of toasted wheat bread. I also placed a heaping spoonful of home fries and scrambled eggs into the sandwich before indulging. When I took my first bite, I liked how all the ingredients melded together into a nice, compact sandwich that made it easy to finish eating.


Photo by Kristine Xu

With just the crusts of my sandwich left over, I finished the rest of the home fries and scrambled eggs. I noticed they were a little bland. I was not sure if there was a purposeful lack of salt, but I quickly remedied the problem with a dash of salt from a beat-up tin salt container next to the other condiments on the counter.

The home fries were lightly fried with some chopped bell peppers, which added a slightly sweet taste to the starchy mixture. In addition, the scrambled eggs were very tender and probably the healthiest part of the meal. Although breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, eating at a restaurant instead of at home can jeopardize the nutrition of the meal.

Even though I managed to barely polish off the massive plate of food, I did not feel the need to eat again until late afternoon. The meal came out to less than $10 per person, and along with the great service, I believe Louisa’s Place truly deserves its claim to the best breakfast in San Luis Obispo.

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