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For some, “blog” can be a four-letter-word (OK, it’s a four-letter word for everyone). The anti-bloggers wonder, “Why do people need to subject the rest of the world to their ‘profound’ insights regarding the universe when they could just get a roommate or a shrink like the rest of us?” Touché, blog naysayer, but not everyone has the privilege of having their “profound” insights published weekly in their college newspaper (wink).

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a “blog” is “a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and hyperlinks.” Provided one has access to a computer (and the frontal lobe of their brain), anyone can blog. Considering the endless space for personal ramblings available on the Internet, is it such a good thing that people can just vomit their opinions all over cyberspace? I say: yes and no. Since I go to Cal Poly, and I primarily learn by doing, I will share my first blog, examining the advantages and abuses of writing one:

Dear Blog (is this thing on?),

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this quarter is going! It seems like just yesterday I was moving into the dorms and lying about my age (True, but perhaps incriminating information; consider revising). I am very happy with my grades last quarter, as I got yet another 4.0, which makes me on the Dean’s List for the eighth consecutive quarter (Total bullshit; may compromise credibility). But even though I am so successful and talented (Insert humility here), I still can’t seem to find my keys or a boyfriend 🙁 (Reminder: take blog link off Facebook). But things are looking up because that guy in my math class is pretty cute 🙂 (Use emoticons sparingly). Anyway, I was just popping in to say hello and note the wonderfully pleasant weather we are having lately (Totally boring; expunge completely).



P.S. I hate spiders (Poor use of opinion; next time, care about something that matters).

While it is all too easy to write a blog that just isn’t very good, I have a few pointers for you who, like myself, are just getting used to the idea:

Don’t forget that people might – God forbid – actually read your blog. Don’t get too personal if it’s a public blog.

Be honest. Don’t lie.

Be accurate (libel suits are easy because Exhibit A is nicely packaged).

Stay away from incriminating information (again with the Exhibit A).

Say what’s on your mind – democracy demands it (and so do your readers).

Happy blogging!

Allison Baker is an English senior, Mustang Daily columnist and pop-culture enthusiast with a love of internet self-promotion.

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