In response to professor Jennifer Lynn’s reaction to the Salsa club’s posters, I believe that her ignorant views are the kind of thinking that can set back women’s rights 10 years. Unfortunately, most of the women in my generation have to deal with self confidence issues about their bodies and I believe that views such as professor Lynn’s are contributing to this confidence hurdle many women must jump in their lives. The mere fact that the exposure in the women’s poster, and not the men’s, seems to be the main focus of the censorship sends a message to young women that they should be ashamed of their bodies and that somehow women’s bodies are more offensive than men’s. It seems that professor Lynn is trying to disguise her Puritan ideals behind women’s rights by claiming they objectify women. How could this advertisement possibly be objectifying women when it is obviously celebrating not only the female form but the male form in context to a cultural dance that is traditionally provocative in nature? The true way to objectify women is to send the message that our bodies are not as appropriate as men’s. A woman’s ability to be sexual should not be disrespected as a quality that makes us objectified. These posters should remain up so that my female peers are not sent the message that our bodies are inappropriate.

Jacki Ames
Biological science senior

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