As much as I may have disliked his predecessor’s agenda and as much as I may dislike this one’s seeming reticence about said agenda, and even as much as I may be creeped out by his likeness run weekly in the Mustang Daily, the guy has a point. We do have a driving problem.

I live a disc’s throw away from Highland and I have a surprising number of neighbors with Cal Poly parking permits hanging from their rearview mirrors. Who knows, maybe all those people are handicapped and need the reliability and independence an automobile provides, but if so, the evidence suggesting that contingency is, well, elusive. I guess all I really know about the matter is that if I raced against myself, the me on a bicycle would get to class faster than the me in a car. And then there’s that obvious monetary advantage to a bicycle too.

Rishon Seiden

Aerospace engineering senior

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