Today, I drove past the construction zones here at school. Every year amazing buildings arise on campus. I feel proud to have these new facilities for students.

I am currently enrolled in a class about crops and the different systems used to produce these crops. The class met at the greenhouses at the EHS department this week. I was excited, because I want to learn more about greenhouse production.

The majority of the greenhouses were constructed in 1969 and are in terrible shape. So, I asked a couple of questions. (I won’t name names.)

How has the College of Agriculture let this happen? She told me they have no money.

I can’t believe an accredited ag program can even attempt to lure students with these facilities. I should have paid more attention to the 40-year-old tractors outside the Crops Unit.

Are there experiments being conducted or research being done? How can you conduct experiments in these conditions and expect desired results?

She said they do the best they can. Maybe a bureaucrat puppet in a plush office will help me understand.

Some will say I am complaining. Others will say I have no clue about budgets/money/donations/political red tape/ yada yada yada. Say what you like. It is only my opinion. Go see it for yourself. On the other hand, the arboretum is one of the unknown jewels here at Poly.

Wait. We will have a new football stadium soon. Only I am here to learn.

Anthony Lopez

Agriculture grad student

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