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The Cal Poly swimming and diving team will see the beginning of a much-needed remodel of Mott Pool in the next few months.

Cal Poly has received $2 million in state funds through a bond measure to remodel Mott Pool of the Anderson Aquatic Center. The pool will be renovated into an Olympic-size pool, according to swimming and diving coach Tom Milich.

Mott Pool currently has six narrow lanes that make it difficult for the team to practice properly. The poor condition of Mott Pool “restricts what we’re capable of doing,” said Milich.

Swimmers are unable to do some strokes because of the narrow lanes, and have to worry about hitting others in adjacent lanes, Milich said. Mott Pool has no lines on the bottom of the pool, which can be problematic for doing turns and staying in the proper lane.

“The remodel is going to only affect the team positively. Recruits will be excited to swim in it and teams won’t dread swimming us at home. A bigger pool will make practices more enjoyable because we won’t be stuck in lanes with 10 or more people and barely making it off the wall before the first person in your lane comes back,” said Stacey Sorensen, women’s team captain.

Mott Pool will be completely demolished and the new pool will be built in the existing area. However, one wall will be knocked down to make enough room for the diving boards, according to Milich.

Construction is expected to begin by January or February 2008, according to Milich. The project is currently in the bidding stage.

Depending on the type of pool proposed by the winning bidder, the project might be finished by the end of spring quarter. Building a stainless steel pool would take about three to four months to build, while a conventional pool would take about eight to nine months, according to Milich.

After the remodel, Mott Pool will be 25 yards by 50 meters and will have 10 to 12 lap lanes. This will allow swimmers and divers to train at the same time without conflict.

The remodel project is currently allotted $2.1 million, but Milich is hoping to raise enough money to make the budget $2.2 million.

Milich is expecting the team will be able to practice in the Recreation Center pool at least part of the time during construction.

Milich stressed the importance of the new pool for the team. Five swimmers have qualified for the Olympic trials and it is imperative that they practice in a larger pool in order to be best prepared, Milich said.

It is expected that a new pool will help attract recruits to Cal Poly in the coming years.

Brent Summers, men’s team captain, said, “By being able to show recruits a nice facility along with the atmosphere of San Luis Obispo, it may help us get many recruits who are considering going elsewhere because our current facility is so small.”

The Mott Pool remodel will allow Cal Poly swimming and diving to “truly train as a team,” said Milich.

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