I have always enjoyed political debate/discussion in any forum. The Mustang Daily is no exception. In particular, Mr. Eller and Ingram are something I read whenever featured. That said I believe Mr. Eller got a little distracted on his Op/Ed piece.

The first portion is enlightening even humorous, Mr. Eller details the actions of Rep. McKinney, who accused a House security guard of racial profiling after she bypassed metal detectors in the building.

In the subsequent paragraphs Mr. Eller loses the reader and his political coherence as he fails to distinguish the points he is trying to make.

For example, Eller sights many Democrats and the NAACP who “believe” in the horrors and prevalence of racial profiling, this is worded to suggest that racial profiling is either A) make believe or B) carries ome merit.

Mr. Eller also sights a post 9/11 Gallup poll showing that more blacks (71 percent to 57 percent) approved racial profiling for Arab-Americans in airports than whites. I see, so if a minority group approves racial profiling, then it has to be OK, right?

Lastly, Mr. Eller says it makes sense to him that if a report goes out saying that a black car thief stole a green SUV, it makes sense to stop and investigate black drivers in green SUVs and investigate.

In a perfect world that would make sense. However, that is not the problem with racial profiling, the problem comes when the color of the car is disregarded and the driver’s is emphasized.

These are not make-believe problems, they are real. Please deal with them in such a manner.

Devan McClaine

Journalism senior

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