Jack Ingram’s article on Nov. 8 was appalling. His narrow views, ignorance and low class are pathetic.

In his article, following some talk of the U.S. “flipping a bitch,” and referring to the actions of our founding fathers as “having the balls,” he addresses the security of the U.S. He asks a great question: “Is the United States truly any more secure than four years ago?”

The only way to gauge whether we have been successful is to count the number of terrorist attacks resulting in the death of one human life on U.S. soil since 9-11. As of November 2005 that number remains at zero.

Ingram also claims that the wars have granted us “no victories or awards,” when there have been numerous victories. Saddam was captured December 15, 2003. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been substantially weakened. Their “leader,” has been forced to rule while running around like a poisoned rat in the deserts of the Middle East. These are just mere highlights.

Now Ingram, for your created “bubble of fear.”

As a firefighter, I had the privilege of getting to stand at the heart of Ground Zero in New York in October of 2001. Your phrase “bubble of fear” does not even begin to describe the feeling of standing amongst the bodies of 2,752 murdered innocent Americans and realizing why they are lying there dead.

You need to open your mind before you harp at a government that is doing everything in its power to prevent this from happening again.

Nick Wallingford

Forestry junior

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