In response to your article entitled “Political convictions without political labels,” I’d like to give you advice instead of lowering myself to your level. Quit trying to be “raw” and “unconventional” because your columns are anything but. Peppering your article with four-letter words makes you far too uncouth to be taken seriously and comparing our president (yes, he’s your president too) to Tweedle Dumb makes you simply passe.

Why is the state always the bad guy? When a man takes another man’s life, they surrender some protection of their rights. Quit blaming the government for everything wrong in this world and please do not compare the life of an unborn child to that of a convicted murderer. Come up with an idea to better America, and quit wasting our time with your thoughts on what a poor job Bush is doing.

Whether you deny it or not, you are labeling yourself with your antics. While your conservative counterpart is commenting on real issues and backing-up his article with original ideas, you would rather think out loud and over-use cheesy cliches. If you are so concerned with being fresh, then be a fresh liberal. Come up with something new; occasionally cross partisan lines and confront a real issue. Oh wait, then you might be labeled conservative.

Scott Jones

Architecture senior

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