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You can feel it on your back and wrapping itself around your ankle. You don’t know how it got here, but now you see it everywhere. Yes, ’80s fashion is back and bigger (and less neon) than ever!

Get ready to show off your legs because flare is out and skinny is in. Several stores in downtown San Luis Obispo have started carrying skinny jeans. GAP’s skinny jeans are $58 while Urban Outfitters sells Calvin Klein’s “Truly Skinny” jeans for $79. Express also carries brown and black skinny pants for $49.50.

“I love skinny jeans,” said journalism senior Marissa Turner. “I personally feel they make legs appear longer and leaner. They also show off the curves of the body.”

Psychology senior and Therapy employee, Michelle von Bauer agrees.

“The good thing about skinny jeans is that you can wear them with boots and pumps and it really accentuates the legs,” von Bauer said.

Von Bauer recommends wearing longer shirts, such as bigger vintage T-shirts or longer tunics with your skinny jeans.

“If you’re going to wear something skinny on the top or bottom, you have to balance it,” she said.

With this, both girls said a high-waisted, thick belt is a good bet.

“I really love wearing my skinny’s with billowy tunics and wide belts that cinch the waist,” Turner said.

Like the jeans from the past, leggings have made a big comeback. Abercrombie and Fitch sells a wide variety of solid colored leggings for $24.50 to $29.50, while Urban Outfitters offers a more funky collection. For the strong of heart, look for the “Footless tights” in purple and black stripes, plaid or flower print for $12 to $14. Urban Outfitters even sells stirrup leggings for those who really want to take a stroll down memory lane.

“With leggings, I feel a dress or a skirt over them is the best look,” Turner said. “If you are daring enough, a chunky knee-length sweater and boots. One also has to be comfortable with their figure to wear leggings because they show everything.”

Another denim piece revisited is the vest. GAP sells the classic above-the-waist, collared denim vest for $38, also seen at Urban Outfitters in blue and black denim for $68. If denim isn’t your thing, check out Express’s fitted black denim vests for $59.50 or GAP’s long puffer vest (think Marty McFly circa 1985) also for $59.50.

If boots and stilettos aren’t components for your foot fashion, try taking the low road with flats. Vans show no sign of going out of style and ballet-point shoes are also hot items. Both can be found at Urban Outfitters in varying styles and prices.

And lucky for you, SLO has all you need for hot ’80s fashion accessories. Though aviators made a big return for men’s fashion, they’re catching on for women now as well.

“A lot of people come in (to Therapy) asking for aviators,” von Bauer said. “And some people will make fun of big sunglasses but they can be really flattering.”

Therapy sells all of its sunglasses – which includes several types of aviators – for $10. Also check out Urban Outfitter’s selection, priced at $14.

“Big plastic jewelry is also a favorite ’80s fashion of mine,” Turner said, and recommended Urban Outfitters for all your ’80s gear needs.

Thick plastic headbands are available for $16 while a variety of shoulder handbags with long, thin straps are $24 to 34. They even sell suspenders, which can be found for $16!

“Fashion is 100 percent cyclical,” Turner said. “Designers are always looking to the past for inspiration, but somehow manage to add their own spin on it. The ’80s clothing has never really gone away; younger generations are bringing the looks back so as to rebel against the trends of the day.

“I think certain pieces like skinny jeans will remain in fashion for a while, but like always, they will go out and come back with a new twist.”

As for shoulder pads, scrunchy socks and acid washed fabrics, Turner believes some things are better off left in the past.

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