Humza, your comments on Israel were completely distorted. Suicide bombers are not solely caused by economic hardships otherwise Tibetans would terrorize China and the poor in SLO would be blowing up city hall.

Religious dogma is also a main element. Hamas, the current democratically elected representative of the Palestinian people, is obviously what you referred to as the government Israel does not want.

Understandably, Hamas is more desirable than Fatah to the Palestinians purely based on their social services, schools and apparent lack of corruption.

Nonetheless, Hamas has itself claimed responsibility to killing hundreds of Israelis, routinely employs vile anti-Semitic propaganda, and is committed to Israel’s destruction. Clearly Israel cannot be expected to do anything less than freeze funds owed to such a government.

Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Arab Israelis, despite the discrimination which any minority has, have better human rights than Arabs in any other Arab country. The 60 violated UNSC resolutions prove only UN discrimination since the UN never condemns PLO terror against Israel.

Since you said, “The United States’ media is biased and discriminatory – involving the Middle East,” then the Arab media is out right anti-Semitic. For example, Egypt is running a televised version of the “Protocols of the Elder of Zion” and the Arab media repeatedly refers to the Jewish Blood Libel as fact.

Dr. Foroohar, MSA and now you, Humza have been spreading unfair anti-Israel doctrines for too long.

If you continue, you will be hearing from me through this paper.

Zachary Goldstein

Mechanical engineering sophomore

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