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Naba Ahmed is a journalism senior and the editor-in-chief of Mustang News.

Mustang News is evolving. While maintaining a digital-first mentality, Mustang News has transitioned from a biweekly print edition to a weekly paper. Every Tuesday, our tabloid-style paper will be on stands, featuring top stories in news, arts, sports and opinion. With a single edition, we can ensure that our audience is receiving the news in the best way.

Our generation is not picking up a newspaper as part of their daily routine. Rather, they are picking up their smartphones and scrolling through the news.

Mustang News exists to inform the Cal Poly community. If the manner in which our audience is consuming information is changing, we are going to change too. We strive to deliver information in a way that best serves our audience. But for those who enjoy the physical paper they still have that option.

However, Mustang News is not just a newspaper. Mustang News is a multimedia driven organization under the umbrella of Mustang Media Group (MMG). MMG includes Mustang News, our on-campus radio station KCPR, our on-campus public relations firm CCPR and our HD broadcast studio MNTV.

Mustang News is dynamic. We are adapting to the needs of our audience. Our website is the main source of our content. However, we use our social media platforms to create a conversation with our audience. Our purpose is to inform, but in doing so we must also engage.

Print is not dead

We understand that people want to read the paper without ink coming off onto their hands. That has changed too. Check out our new print quality. We still value our relationship with our print consumers but because we seek to be the news source for the Cal Poly community, we want to ensure that our content is delivered on a variety of engaging and superlative platforms.

We are constantly changing. Focusing on our digital-first mentality, our stories are on immediately. The Cal Poly community is the first to get answers because they are the group that is directly affected.

Let us know what you think about the new paper. We seek to improve and you can help us with your input.

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