Frank Stranzl

Andy Coughlin is a senior from Laromie, Wyo., and will be competing at the Pre-National Invitational in Terra Haute, Ind. for the Mustangs.

The best feeling in cross country is crossing the finish line knowing you’ve run the perfect race. Somewhere between the starting gun and the finish chute, you stretch yourself farther than you ever thought possible.

A famous runner once said “It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.” The perfect race always involves pain, and lots of it. But instead of submitting to the pain, you conquer it, never letting up until you’ve crossed the finish line. No one can tell you that the months of preparation were not worth it, because you have seen them pay off. The dream of this race pulls you through tough Tuesday workouts; the memory of this race keeps you coming back for more…

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