Nick Coury

After I returned from winter break, I headed back to San Luis Obispo anticipating another great quarter at Cal Poly. I got back to my house on Dec. 29, and for the first two days I was back, it rained and poured like nobody’s business.

Being the nature lover I am, I headed out with camera in hand for some fresh rain photography. Turri Road winds its way through the hills and farmlands off of Los Osos Valley Road and ends up in Los Osos on South Bay Boulevard looking out over the marshes.

As I strolled down Turri Road in the sunny afternoon, I noticed a tall windmill sticking out like a sore thumb in the green landscape. I pulled my beat-up Volvo over to the side of the road and proceeded to shoot whatever I saw.

I finished framing the windmill and began wandering down the road. Further down, I noticed a old field of fruit orchards that no longer were in use. There was a pool of rainwater on the edge of the orchard that reflected the fruit posts and the sunlight; this is where my story goes wild.

I carefully walked around the big puddle, looking for the best shot of the reflection. I walked out on some sandbags, which bordered the orchard near the road. The murky water, encrusted with dirt and weeds, did a good job hiding how deep the water really was. Unfortunately, I figured the pool not to be deep and stepped out on the dried-dirt top, thinking I could get a cool shot. The last step I made was a fatal one.

I stepped onto the dirt and sunk up to my neck, fully clothed, in mucky bog water. As I fell, I threw my arms straight up in order to save my camera, which ended up unharmed. Picture me neck-deep in a bog, holding my camera straight over my head.

I then put my camera on the side of the bog and climbed out, dripping and smelling of dirty disgustingness.

I walked back to my car, about 25 feet down the road, and put my camera away, followed by stripping down to my boxers, which were also soaking wet and drove home nearly naked with a few pictures, a functioning camera and a dead phone that drowned after being in my pocket when I fell in the bog.

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