Political science sophomore Gracie Babatola has been elected ASI president for the 2022-23 school year, ASI announced in the University Union Plaza on Thursday.

Several ASI Board of Director election winners were announced as well.

Babatola received 1,163 votes, reaching the 50% mark of ballots cast without any additional runoff election needed. More than 2,900 students voted — surpassing last year’s margin by 900 ballots.

“Thank you so much for believing in me and I can’t wait to [start],” Babatola said, addressing a group of students after the announcement.

Babatola was unavailable for additional comment, as she had a test to take immediately after the announcement.

Board of Directors representative and electrical engineering senior Jordan Perlas, the chair of the ASI Recruitment & Elections Committee, thanked candidates for running “clean and ethical campaigns.”

Current ASI President Tess Loarie said she is excited to help prepare Babatola for the transition into the role.

“The fact that she has such overwhelming support from the student body is a great indicator she’ll be very, very successful and able to [work] for students next year,” Loarie said.

One of Babatola’s opponents for president, write-in candidate Jake Zylstra, also praised her campaign.

“She did a great job,” Zylstra said. “She went all over the place putting up signs and she really worked hard … She did everything a campaign should do. She deserves it.”

For the 2022-23 Board of Directors, 21 students were elected to serve based on their college.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences Board of Directors (four seats)

Allison Stauffer (321 votes)

Cynthia Diaz (44 votes)

Brady Pauken (31 votes)

John Van Vliet (31 votes)

College of Engineering Board of Directors (five seats)

Varenya Gupta (364 votes)

Carlos Rodriguez Orozco (361 votes)

Olivia madrigal (347 votes)

Marirose Evenden (276 votes)

Roha Ali (37 votes)

College of Liberal Arts Board of Directors (four seats)

Olivia Jordan Huyler (274 votes)

Tyler Coari (173 votes)

Maya Lena McClain (163 votes)

Chris Raynes (five votes)

College of Science and Mathematics Board of Directors (four seats)

Mason William Stobbe (258 votes)

Lily Yenovkian (14 votes)

Jasmeet Sandhu (four votes)

Jesse Mason (two votes)

Orfalea College of Business Board of Directors (four seats)

Evan Schwaegerle (185 votes)

Emily Chan (40 votes)

Nick Endres (7 votes)

Alexandra Joelson (4 votes)

Perlas said the number of ballots cast from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design was insufficient to elect representatives, so the current Board of Directors will schedule a new election.