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Running as Cal Poly’s ASI student body President in 1994, Erica A. Stewart’s campaign slogan was “Help Students Help Themselves.”

In 2021, that is still an important part of Stewart’s mission, only she isn’t a student body president anymore – she is the new mayor of San Luis Obispo. 

During her time at Cal Poly, Stewart described her relationship with the student body as one that began during her campaign and continued after she was elected. She and other students worked hard to create the first multicultural publication at the university, as well as the first version of a paper (now a website popular among students) that rates professors for Cal Poly classes.

“We are still fighting for more representation, culturally,” said Stewart. “That’s what we were talking about then and that’s what we are still talking about now.”

Stewart is the first black mayor of San Luis Obispo and will lead her all-female city council until the end of her term in 2022.

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