A new permanent jewelry location is now open in Downtown San Luis Obispo.

Permanent jewelry is the result of sizing a gold filled or sterling silver chain to one’s wrist or ankle, closing the links, and then welding the gap so the jewelry has no clasp. 

Permanent Jewelry artist Emilie Boege said that she got the idea through watching videos on social media.


Boege brought the operation to the salon she manages after realizing there were no locations in San Luis Obispo.

“My mom and I wanted to go get one, but they were all in [Los Angeles] or in Texas,” Boege said. “So, what we did when we found out we couldn’t get bracelets together in [San Luis Obispo] was that we just figured out how to bring it here to our salon.”

Salon62 is currently scheduling permanent jewelry appointments on Saturdays. It is located at 1112 Garden Street in Downtown San Luis Obispo. Appointments can be made online at salon62.com. 

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