Did you read the article on Thursday about city buses? Cal poly set up another five-year contract for over a million dollars which will allow us to ride for free. I was disappointed the article didn’t mention the inadequacies of the bus system. Here’s my dilemma. I could get on the bus at Madonna and hope to not miss the last bus out that leaves at 6:02, or I could get on at Foothill and hope the bus is not full and passes me by in the morning. I’m fine with walking to school, but not on rainy days which are the same days the buses are full.

Or I could buy a parking permit but that $100 is hardly worth it now if it ever was worth it. When you find a parking spot on campus if you find one, it’s always a long ways to class and not worth it when it’s raining. You’re better off taking the bus. If you can get on. I know people say to take the bus at the half hour instead of the hour. Trust me, the bus can still pass you by. I have an idea: Why doesn’t Cal Poly use its negotiating skills to say that million dollars we just spent needs to go into buying two more buses so they’re not always full? It would benefit not only students but other passengers who ride. I’ve seen disabled people getting pushed against the wall because the bus is so full.

Lisa Clemo
Graduate student

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