Who says the performing arts have to involve snooty, high-culture complexity?

The Christopher Cohan Center is set to receive an infusion of simple juvenile energy when arguably the most beloved literary feline, the Cat in the Hat, shows up Sunday, Jan. 24, at 3 p.m. The mischievous, lyrically inclined cat will take part in a staged performance of his own story that ought to be strikingly similar to the source material.

“It’s not glammed-up or Hollywood-ized,” Cal Poly Arts Program Manager Denise Leader Stoeber said. “It’s a very true production.”

In other words, the production company, Child’s Play, chose not to cast overacting adults to play the roles of children, as is common in stage adaptations of children’s books. Instead, all the stage characters and even the set design will match the descriptions and illustrations provided by Dr. Seuss himself.

It is not very common for such family-oriented shows to play at the Performing Arts Center, but Stoeber has high hopes for this particular program.

“We’re excited about this show, because it’s a title that everybody knows,” she said. “We’re hoping that it will resonate with the community.”

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