Ryan Chartrand

All right, it’s starting to annoy me. The amount of conservatives talking about the “global warming debate” is getting ridiculous.

No serious scientist is still debating this! Heck, no serious layman in any country other than the U.S. is even debating this. Get over it, climate change is only a theory in the sense that the Law of Gravity was once a theory (note that I refer to it as “climate change” since the term “global warming” is a bit misleading, even though that is the general trend).

The question now isn’t “is it happenning?” or “why is it happenning?” The question now is “what do we do about it?”

And I should also mention that your stubborn refusal to admit to climate change affects your credibility on other matters. To cling to something so dogmatically against all evidence to the contrary isn’t an “opinion” that others need to be “tolerant of,” it’s ignorance that needs to be dealt with.

Troy Kuersten
Aerospace engineering, physics senior

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