No mess is too big for Amanda Hodges. The public health sophomore offers a cleaning service that helps students tidy up while learning how to stay clean. 

“The best part about the job is seeing the final product and watching the clients keep up with the cleaning tasks,” Hodges said. “The payment is pretty nice too.”

Hodges offers several cleaning packages, ranging from “Maybe He’ll Listen” to “There’s No Hope.” Alison Chavez | Mustang News

On Nov. 3, Hodges posted to the Cal Poly SLO Mustang Parents Facebook page presenting her services to parents and students. She said she offers packages where she teaches students how to load a dishwasher properly, separate laundry into different loads and organize their clothes.

Hodges offers several cleaning packages, ranging from “Maybe He’ll Listen” to “There’s No Hope.” These apply to small spaces, such as dorms, and multiple-person spaces, such as fraternity houses. 

When Hodges teaches her clients, she said she isolates skills and provides a step-by-step tutorial, then quizzes them on their ability. 

Weekly and biweekly cleaning is offered. Hodges includes cleaning lessons for a minor additional fee, or provides a three-hour cleaning “Crash Course.” 

“Amanda offers top of the line cleaning for the best price in the area. And she’s just a nice person to have around,” Cal Poly alumnus and Hodges’ client Abel Contreras said.

What began as a high school gym janitorial job expanded quickly from cleaning her brother’s apartment and his friends’ homes into an important college undertaking, according to Hodges. 

“It helps to study in a clean environment, it makes things easier to find and it saves people money by taking care of the things they already have,” Hodges said.

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