Ryan Chartrand

I agree with Ryan Radjabi in his recent letter to the editor. I want him and others to know that there are students who will not give up the fight. In order for students to be proactive, we need to be educated on the matter. Recently, I have contacted the San Luis Obispo chief of police, Deborah Linden, and we are currently arranging to meet with the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic to discuss the new Measure Y.

I suggest everyone who is against the increase of enforcement for noise violations as well as “no-warning weekends” to attend the general meeting (either next week or the following week) with the chief of police and city council members. In talking to Linden, the city does want our input on Measure Y as well as other issues. She will be giving the presentation and we will be able to ask questions or voice our concerns.

The time is now to STAND UP AND REPRESENT ourselves. If you agree with Ryan that our ASI Board of Directors and current and past presidents have not done a good job in representing the students in matters with the city and police, then there should be no excuse for you not to attend the meeting. If you want to educate yourself before going to the meeting or if you can’t attend the meeting, check out the Facebook group “Students against Measure Y.” This group currently has 1,500 students and information regarding the “Neighborhood Wellness” (police) portion of the measure.

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