I am one of the countless people constantly annoyed with the poor management of our school’s e-mail software. As a school nationally known for its computer science program, it is a complete disgrace that we have to undergo such treatment. I have completely given up using the school’s e-mail. I am submitting this letter using gmail, something that is free and has never denied me access, because the school’s email has been down the entire day.

Cal Poly’s current e-mail system is a complete disaster. We are limited in how much storage we can have, 50 megabytes, and it is sporadic at best. Its interface is not user-friendly and buttons are located in odd places. I can understand a day or two of unrest when migrating, but not weeks and weeks of it working and it not working.

I think it is time that real questions get asked, such as: Why are we using a product whose upgrades cause grief?; Why are we paying 120-plus ITS employees when we don’t even get one of the few services students utilize? ITS provides the majority of students with Internet and e-mail. Faculty are even more affected because of their reliance on OpenTime, Oracle’s scheduling program which allows access to a person’s calendar and the ability to schedule meetings. Imagine not being able to rely on something as important as a day-to-day breakdown of what you have planned. It is time to scrap this abhorrent waste of money and time and move on. The money we could save could offset the fee increase this campus is currently seeking.

David Hansen

Environmental horticultural sciences freshman

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