The Gender Equity Center plans to host Original Women’s Narrative (OWN) to share the stories and experiences of womanhood through a fully digital format. 

OWN 2021 will consist of a digital zine and online performance. 

“We knew we had to rework what OWN was because of our inability to do a theatrical production,” animal science senior and OWN co-director Alicia Lindheimer said. “We ultimately came up with the conclusion to do a zine because it gives us that multimedia format.”  

Since 2016, the Gender Equity Center has been hosting OWN events as theatrical productions as an expression of activism, according to the website page. Before COVID-19, OWN hosted an art gallery and theatrical showings. OWN 2020 was canceled because the first COVID-19 lockdown occurred two weeks before the show, and directors and producers did not have time to switch to a virtual format.

Now in the midst of the pandemic, OWN has moved to a digital format.

OWN’s purpose is to explore and process the lived experience of womxn identifying people. The event focuses on centering these experiences through displays of artistic performance. Themes included in the production consist of gender, feminism and social justice movements. 

Lindheimer said that being involved in OWN has changed her experience at Cal Poly. 

“OWN can be a life-changing experience to see. I watched it my freshman year, and it awakened something in me,” Lindheimer said. “It sparked a passion for social justice work and telling these stories. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone because I was seeing stories that I related to.”

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