Brittany Tom | NBC News Dateline

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An ex-girlfriend of Paul Flores continued her testimony in People v. Flores murder trial on Friday to describe an interaction she had with Paul and his father in their backyard — where the prosecution says the defendants buried Kristin Smart.

Angie Carrizel dated Paul Flores for about two years in the early 2000s. She was sworn in as a new witness on Thursday, and her cross examinations by the prosecution, Paul Flores’ attorney and Ruben Flores’ attorney all completed on Friday.

After an hour-long morning recess in the Monterey County courtroom, Friday’s hearing ended early due to an “unresolved issue” regarding evidence, Judge Jennifer O’Keefe announced.

During their relationship, Carrizel met Paul Flores’ parents and visited their homes.

Carrizel recalled a particular moment of touring Ruben Flores’ house and seeing his avocado trees.

“Oh, these are avocado trees, my favorite,” Carrizel said at the time.

Carrizel was then quickly redirected away from the tree and to the house. She was not sure if it was Paul or Ruben Flores at the time, but observed that both Flores’ body language and mood changed after she approached the tree.

In court, Carrizel reaffirmed that their overall demeanor changed.

The prosecution claims that the Flores’ buried Kristin Smart in their backyard, under their deck, in 1996.

“Were you ever invited back to Ruben Flores’ home?” prosecutor Christopher Peuvrelle asked.

“No,” Carrizel said.

Ruben Flores’ defense attorney, Harold Mesick, asked if Carrizel was dressed “fancy” when she was with the Flores’.

“Just normal,” Carrizel said.

Carrizel also said she didn’t remember how many trees were in the backyard. After one of the Flores’ redirected her, they went to the front of the house and continued conversation.

“Do you think they were worried you might step into dog poop?” Mesick asked, about why she was told to move away.

Carrizel doesn’t recall that being a concern or who walked her away, but that Ruben Flores appeared to be “rude.”

“It didn’t seem like he liked me,” Carrizel said.

After about 15 minutes of testimony, the council was called to the back to “resolve an issue” regarding presenting new evidence in the trial.

When the court resumed after an hour of recess to discuss the issue, Judge Jennifer O’Keefe said that the “issue couldn’t be resolved.”

“It’s not going to delay anything,” O’Keefe said. “Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control.”

Carrizel is not subject to recall. The trial is set to resume Monday, Aug. 28.