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Rock and reggae band Pepper is set to play SLO Brewing Co. tonight.

Sara Natividad

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San Diego-based rock and reggae band Pepper will play for a full audience on Jan. 17 at SLO Brewing Co.

SLO Brew has hosted Pepper approximately 10 times, yet tickets still sold out more than a week before the show, SLO Brew host Nickolas McLean said, who is helping the band move in and set up for the concert.

Since the venue is smaller than most, tickets tend to sell out in advance when well-known artists perform.

“I love Pepper and have been listening to them for years,” McLean said. “They have an awesome reggae, punk rock sound and everyone here in California is biased toward that. I think it just goes with the Cali vibe.”

Though McLean was fond of the band’s newest self-titled album released in 2013, he said he hopes Pepper will play its older music, which is truer to the band’s original sound.

Before Pepper welcomes the crowd, Lionize is set to open and get the crowd grooving with its funky sound.

Many students were disappointed to learn Pepper sold out so early.

Business administration junior Amanda Urban said she would have loved to attend the show.

“I probably would have gone if I knew about it,” Urban said. “Pepper would be awesome to see.”

The show is set to begin at 7 p.m.

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