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“The Florentine Chicken was a delicious thin crust pizza that tasted vaguely like a pasta dish due to the pesto and roasted chicken.”

Kristine Xu

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Kristine Xu is a journalism freshman and Mustang News food columnist.

While looking for an acceptable meal for dinner, my roommate and I came across a pizzeria we had walked past numerous times, though we were oblivious to the delicious food opportunities inside. Like any other college student, pizza is a major staple in our diet because of its simplicity and affordability. Naturally, we took this chance to see what kinds of pizza downtown San Luis Obispo had to offer.

Pizza Solo is a gourmet pizzeria located on Higuera Street, down the same alley as Splash Cafe Seafood and Grill and Barnes & Noble. Just the tempting smell of pizza and my curiosity of trying a new restaurant was enough to lure us into the restaurant.

We walked into Pizza Solo and made the difficult decision of what to order for dinner. I noticed that in addition to pizzas with standard toppings, the restaurant also has some unique pizzas, including Thai Pie, Tuscan Veggie and Florentine Chicken.

I ordered the Florentine Chicken pizza, a small four-piece pizza topped with roasted chicken, mozzarella, fresh spinach, tomatoes and garlic over a fresh basil pesto sauce. Complete with a side of ranch, this pizza was the perfect portion for a hearty meal.

In addition to plenty of patio and outdoor seating, Pizza Solo has small tables scattered inside the small restaurant. We decided to sit at the wine-colored counter and people watch through the giant floor to ceiling windows while waiting for our food to come out.

Soon after, the waitress called my name and handed me a plate. The Florentine Chicken was a delicious thin crust pizza that tasted vaguely like a pasta dish because of the pesto and roasted chicken. After years of perfecting my pizza-eating style, I have grown accustomed to folding it in half New York-style because of how much easier it is to eat when the toppings are safely contained inside. I appreciated the crunch of the thin crust that was just firm enough to not be too tough, and the gooey texture of the mozzarella that acted as a glue for the other toppings. I even dipped the pizza into the side of ranch, savoring the creamy flavor and tenderness of the roasted chicken spiked with globs of pesto sauce.

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Photo by Kristine Xu

After eating way too much of this pizza in a short amount of time, I am convinced no matter what the dish is, the combination of chicken and ranch will always be a good idea. As someone who routinely eats too much junk food, this meal was definitely more to satisfy a craving than for nutritional content.

Despite us having to cram into crowded buses heading downtown on Thursday night, the restaurant was not too busy even with Farmer’s Market crowds. We still got perfect seating and did not have to wait too long for our meals.

I ended up spending less than $10 for the gourmet pizza — almost equal to the amount of money I spend on a regular meal on campus. Though it’s severely underrated, Pizza Solo is the perfect college eatery for those who are looking for a dining experience better than delivery pizza.

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