James Mellor

Senior forward Becky Clark has been bringing the pain this season.

Her aggressive and physical playing style has been leaving her opponents begging for their trainers and heading to the icebox after matches.

“She’s a very aggressive player,” coach Alex Crozier said. “But not in a mean-spirited way. She’s very physical and very active and it works for her.”

Clark is tied with her teammate Sharon Day for the lead on the Cal Poly women’s soccer team with six goals this season. This has been a breakout year for Clark as her most offensively productive season as a Mustang.

Clark’s solid play is leading a team that is gunning for a spot in the NCAA post-season tournament.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Clark said. “It’s been a hard road getting there, but I’m happy to finally have it happen.”

Crozier has noticed Clark’s hard work paying off and has seen an improvement in her game.

“She’s always had it in her,” Crozier said. “She’s very intense and was (in previous seasons) so focused on trying to do it on her own. Now, she’s using her teammates and making them better, which in turn makes her more successful.”

The weekend left the Mustangs at 9-3-4 overall and 1-2-1 in the Big West. Being a leader on such a successful team is a role Clark has revered this year.

“That’s a privilege,” Clark said. “I’m just so happy to be out there, especially being a senior finally and being able to realize the responsibility of leading the team in scoring.

All my efforts have been rewarded and I’m helping everyone.”

“She’s a leader not so much with her vocals,” Crozier said. “She leads with her play. Everyone is impressed with how hard she works.”

Clark takes her role as a leader seriously by setting an example for the younger players. Her personal goal for the season is to not let her frustrations be seen by her teammates.

“They need a player who is there mentally,” Clark said.

Although Clark has had a great season so far, she still sees room for improvement in her own game.

“I’ve always been someone who has a really critical eye of how I played,” Clark said. “Having a record scoring season is nice on paper, but I’m always someone who always believes I need to be scoring more, or making better runs, or defending better or being able to communicate better- I really know I can play better.”

Crozier is happy with Clark’s performance this season, but said she still has plenty of potential.

“She’s on the right track,” he said. “She’s been very successful this season, but she still has a lot of room to grow, which is a good thing.”

When Clark finishes playing for Cal Poly, she is looking to play professionally in Spain, she said.

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