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First of all, “Bringing Bias to Class” was written by a Mustang Daily reporter, and was in no way affiliated with the College Republicans. If you want to make any sort of respectable commentary on your end, please get your facts straight.

Second, I was asked by the editor in chief to write an article based on my experiences as the president of the College Republicans – how I got involved and to comment on the current state of politics on campus. Maybe you need to go back and read again – nowhere in there was a “poor me” statement. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of anyone who would put themselves out there as the leader of the College Republicans for the past two years who was not “comfortable with it.”

Finally, I think everyone needs to be aware of the reason behind our “schizoid” articles. We have chosen to be five writers who are all part of the College Republicans and all describe ourselves as “conservative,” yet we are independently expressing different types of conservative viewpoints every week. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” mentality, and people are free to agree or disagree with each article every week viewing us as a singular entity or considering each topic/columnist at their own face value. I would hope that a liberal such as yourself could appreciate that.

Now here is one concept I really can be comfortable with: Stop writing in and pretending that you ever cared about or respected the “conservative side” of this paper in the first place. We really DON’T care what you think.

Furthermore, where was your concern and applause during the weeks of angry mail that Jen Gilmore received over her Jena 6 article that you liked sooo much? Oh, I’m sorry, I do seem to remember some form of a general congratulations to the political columns with your name attached to it.

However, since then, you’ve proven to not actually be interested in expressing anything of use other than your self-righteous disdain for our views that we ourselves are apparently not “comfortable with.” Thank you for making me aware of my hidden personal feelings; now maybe I can feel comfortable enough to go ahead and reevaluate my entire belief system.

P.S. Maybe you should stop perpetuating OUR supposed “us vs. them” mentality by commenting on and analyzing YOUR (not just liberal but independents as well) side of the paper.

Christina Chiappe is a social sciences senior, the president of the Cal Poly College Republicans and a columnist for The Right Way.

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