While the phrase ‘predictive scheduling’ has been used around campus to describe Poly Planner’s future use, University Registrar Cem Sunata clarified that it’s neither going to be predictive nor directly scheduling.

“It’s course demand analysis, nothing else,” Sunata said.

Faculty and colleges who come up with courses that are going to be offered do not necessarily know how many students need to take a certain course,” he said.“That’s where Poly Planner comes in.”

If students indicate degree applicable courses that they want and need to take, Poly Planner allows them to add those courses and let’s the Office of Registrars know about it, Sunata said.

“It interfaces with degree audits and courses you need,” he said. “If you want to take courses above and beyond your curriculum–it allows you to do so.”

Poly Planner is to go fully in effect some time in 2014.

-Suha Saya

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