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Cal Poly will host its first-ever Your True Gender Conference Oct. 9 – 11, a weekend of informational talks and discussion panels, as well as meet and greets for transgender individuals and anyone who would like to learn about the realities of being transgender in modern society.

If that sounded complicated, it is. The conference, organized by the Cal Poly Pride Center, Tranz Central Coast and Your True Gender organization, will take attendees through every facet of questioning one’s sexual identity.

Jessica Lynn, a transgender woman and founder of Your True Gender, said that it is important to educate both the general public and the transgender community, but this conference will focus more on transgender individuals and their families.

Medical and legal professionals specializing in transgender issues from around the world will be at the conference to provide information on everything from the laws concerning transgender rights to the actual process of sex-change surgery, and much more.

Adam Serafin, a Your True Gender board member and the Cal Poly Pride Center coordinator, helped plan the event.

“A big part of it is ‘What does it look like to actually transition?’ from a holistic perspective,” he said. “For folks who are not trans-identified, there will be a lot of opportunity to learn about the trans community and how to be supportive.”

The conference begins Friday, Oct. 9 at 2 p.m. in the Chumash auditorium, and runs through Sunday afternoon. Most of the events are free and open to the public, but some require a paid registration. A full schedule for the conference can be viewed here.

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