The Pride Center held its Trans* Fashion Show this past Friday. | Elyse Lopez/Special to Mustang News

Elyse Lopez
Special to Mustang News

The Pride Center held its Trans* Fashion Show this past Friday at the San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation.

The show detailed issues transgender individuals deal with regarding appearance when trying to comply with their new gender identity.

“It was empowering to see the courage of everyone who participated,” audience member Emily Walsh said.

Issues such as wigs, packing, tucking, makeup, how to dress in situations — such as work or fun — and what looks best for different body types were addressed.

“I have never heard such a frank discussion about it in San Luis Obispo county,” Walsh said.

The show ended by answering questions and a final note of the struggle it takes to transform into who they want to be.

Walsh described the event as getting people out of their comfort zone.

“Educating people in a small community about difficult and sensitive issues has an element of awkwardness, which makes it all the more important for events like this to happen more,” she said.

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