Ryan Chartrand

After my four years of attendance at this university, I have never been as compelled to write a letter to the editor as I am now. Brian Eller, have you even read/seen “The Vagina Monologues” (besides, of course, the few examples you’ve provided to support your point)? To say the production objectifies women is ridiculous. If anything, the production empowers women to be proud of their femininity and sexuality. To say the play is simply about “talking vaginas and their rather vulgar stories” just proves your ignorance.

You mock that this production merely provides “awareness” instead of actually doing anything. The problem is that people aren’t aware. Awareness helps motivate people that would otherwise be apathetic to the violence against women all over the world.

How is making people aware not a practical step to stopping violence? I don’t understand what you think is so wrong with the V-Day movement focusing on violence towards women. There are many existing anti-violence movements that center on specific groups such as homosexuals, minorities, and children. Do those groups also have “inherent problems” because they center on specific groups?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with an anti-violence group that is geared toward men (“P-Day”), there are significantly less cases of violence/prejudice toward men simply BECAUSE they’re men. V-Day exists because violence against women is a large, ongoing problem that many people choose to ignore.

I strongly suggest that people of both sexes take the time to see “The Vagina Monologues” this weekend to at least raise their own awareness.

Erin Bradley
Graphic communications senior

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