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In our society, weight is a sensitive issue. People are not comfortable with their bodies or size. That is a widely accepted concept.

All body types are great. The problem I have with our society is the inability to accept our sizes. I don’t understand how a person who wears a size 13 jean can buy a size nine and comfortably wear them. I don’t understand how a person who wears a small size shirt buys a youth medium.

Everyday, I walk across this campus. The two most common actions I see while walking are pulling a shirt down or pulling pants up.

I am a woman with curves. I wear a size nine jean and a medium shirt and I buy those sizes. Since I can remember, the best way to buy clothes was so they would fit the wearer.

If a girl has to pull her shirt down every five seconds, I’m pretty sure the clothes don’t fit. Either she’s shopping at Baby Gap or not accepting her size.

This is not only a criticism for women. The men on this campus, with the exception of most faculty members and some good dressing guys, tend to buy clothes a little large for themselves.

I know, I know. This is a common complaint, but seriously. Pants do not need to be large enough to fit four people into them.

Not only is this a complication with size, it is a problem with style. A few years ago, tummy shirts were in. I will give all you girls that. However, today it is not cool to wear a shirt that shows half of your stomach.

Guys, though the ’80s were fashionable, MC Hammer pants are unnecessary. He was pretty cool and all, but he’s a little outdated.

Sizes are a huge problem, but what about combinations of patterns? One of my friends, whom I adore, walked into my house wearing plaid shorts and a horizontally striped shirt. The only question I had was “why?”

Some of the smartest people in the country go to school at Cal Poly, but we still can’t get the style thing down. That is funny.

I remember elementary and middle school. There was nothing disastrous about the clothes we wore. Our parents dressed us, so what could be our fault?

OK, so I have to confess that I have bought a shirt that may have been a little small because I liked it so much I had to buy and wear an old shirt that didn’t really fit me anymore. That is the only reason I can criticize.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a larger size, but please, please wear it. Nobody sees the tag and there is no flag on your shirt that says what size you are.

This might piss you off, but it should also wake you up. Be proud of your body. Wear sizes that fit and actually make your figure stand out instead of contort into something completely different.

Accept your body and start shopping in the right section. You will feel more comfortable – trust me.

Christina Casci is a journalism junior and a Mustang Daily reporter.

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