I have to say, Grant Desme’s hypocrisy is deplorable. Desme must have been trying to infuriate intelligent students when he said, “It is not our place job as Christians to judge one’s soul” in the same letter as “homosexuality is a sin.” Does he not understand this blantant contradiction? If we are taught to not judge others, where does Desme get off condemning gay people?

A person does not choose to be gay, it is as natural as straight people being attracted to members of the opposite sex. What the Catholic Church teaches is not only contradictory, it is irrelevant. This Church teaches that the it is infallible, but this teaching does not pertain to the rest of us who do not believe in the Catholic religion.

That is a teaching, not an addition to the laws of nature. People need to realize religion is merely a tool in one’s life, a set of moral codes, not fact. We need to stop blindly following a faith and begin to think for ourselves using, gasp, logic.

Homosexuality is not a choice. I am going to rise above the temptation to tell him to stick his homophobic views where the sun don’t shine. I will merely say deal with the fact ten percent or more of the population is gay and there is no room for his hateful views.

Julie Kunz

Psychology sophomore

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